Carpet Cleaning

RSL Cleaning doesn’t offer the ‘quick fix surface clean’ service that you may have seen advertised elsewhere. In fact, it can often take several hours for us to complete just one room in your home. This is because we ensure a deep clean and restoration of the carpet fibres and pile.
Our knowledge of the equipment, techniques and processes enables us to carry out professional work that does exactly what our clients expect. Some of our clients come to us after experiencing substandard work; from unqualified companies or after hiring equipment and doing it themselves.
Improper cleaning can cause the weave behind some carpets and rugs to shrink, insufficient drying time can allow dirt to travel back up the carpet/rug fibres (rendering the cleaning process completely pointless) and using the wrong cleaning mate rials on certain types of carpets/rugs can do expensive, irreparable damage.
We also carry out a rug cleaning service. Rug cleaning is performed at our head office, to ensure that the most thorough cleaning methods are used, and the rugs are returned to our clients dry. We are trained in Oriental rug cleaning techniques and we are qualified to work on all types of rug. 
Cleaning and Maintenance packages are also available upon request. These packages allow you to spread the cost of our services and provide you additional benefits, for more information on what these include please contact us for your bespoke package.

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